Unified Solutions Jalandhar


The Unified Intel® Xeon™ processor based Servers is ideal hardware for Enterprise often revolutionary advances in performance, memory and I/O capabilities. It also offers enhanced availability, scalability and management. We deal in branded servers of Apple, IBM & Dell.


 Server downtime is business downtime, which means loss of productivity and loss of revenue. Intel Xeon Servers helps to keep your business up and running and provide the security and quality you expect.

Room to grow:

 As your business continues to grow, your computing demands increase. Intel Processor Based Servers has the capacity to handle higher office workload demands and allows you to enhance your platform as your business needs expand.


 With Xeon Processor Servers, you can trust that your business investments are protected. Intel Xeon Servers have the performance and capabilities to service your business' needs today and tomorrow.


 A real server with two Intel Xeon processors deliver total cost advantages, including improved productivity, lower operating costs, and lower maintenance costs, for a higher return on your IT investment.

Branded Servers we deal in: